This week’s DVDs begin in 1776:

DVDs and streaming for Dec. 8 by Boo Allen



This week, we begin in 1776:



HISTORY: War Collection

This 17 disc collection from the History cable channel assembles an impressive abundance of materials to offer both entertaining and also often surprisingly probing looks at every major conflict involving this country. Enclosed are the separate, lengthy documentaries first seen on History that concentrate on U.S. wars and the people involved. The five wars pre-dating visual-recording techniques (Revolutionary, 1812, Mexican, Civil, Spanish-American) receive History’s impressive and authentic re-enactments, along with interviews and testimonies from historians (Libby O’Connell, Mitchell Yockelson, John W. Hall, Caroline Cox, Christy Campbell, David Silby, and others), authors (Evan Thomas, Sam Haynes, Martin K. A. Morgan, John C. McManus, Stacy Schiff, and others), weapons experts and various informed sources. The three discs of the Revolutionary War include episodes “Boston: Bloody Boston,” “Rebellion to Revolution,” “Declaring Independence,” “American Crisis,” “Path to World War,” “Forging an Army,” “Treason and Betrayal,” “The War Heads South,” “A Hornet’s Nest,” and “The End Game.” The collection also examines often forgotten topics, such as the “Battlefield Detectives” segment on a pivotal maritime battle of 1812, “The Chesapeake and The Shannon,” a battle which lasted less than 15 minutes and ended with a British victory. The single disc on the Mexican-American War gives a comprehensive analysis of the often overlooked conflict. The conflicts reach the 20th century with a disc on the Spanish-American War. From that point, the collection offers more abundant viewing materials, including newsreel footage, home movies, on-scene photography, still photos, and more. The two discs covering World War I (“100 Years of WWI”) include episodes “Armored Beasts,” “Clouds of Death,” “Massive Air Attacks,” “Underwater Killers,” “Modern Marvels: World War I Tech,” “The First Dogfights,” and “The Red Baron and the Wings of Death.” The two discs of World War II (“75 Years of WWII”) include a single disc devoted to D-Day. A single flip-disc covers the Korean War: “The Korean War: Fire and Ice.” The Vietnam War can be seen on four discs, two on“The Vietnam War” and two on “Vietnam in HD.” Overall, various well known talents add narration and voice-overs, including Edward Hermann, Gavin MacFadyen, Steve Moreno, Larry Simon, and many others. Oscar De La Hoya hosts the Mexican War segment.





Also on DVD and streaming: Jellyfish Eyes, The Kindergarten Teacher, Knock Knock, Minions, Partisan.